Retail Tailoring

Retail  tailoring is the skill of measuring a person and Having the ability to understand what they require and then fulfil their needs

Elements Of Style

The Three Core Components are all you need to Know 


Fabric .designs. Qualities, Sourcing.


Learn to design great Garments .


Take accurate measures


Dale Rhodes

 We offer online training for students to use as a learning resource or to help you send information to any tailor of your choice. We cover topics from measuring, choosing the right designs and fabrics right through to offering online consultations. Based in Yorkshire England we have many years of experience in all areas of sourcing, manufacture and retail. Our online journey has evolved over many years. We have worked with many other tailors and trained many who have now run successful tailoring companies.  Tailoring and digital commerce combine to make this venture unique. 

Work With Me

I have worked in all aspects of tailoring. Traveling the globe and meeting many Tailors. suppliers and clients on the way. Premium clients still meet me for a measure on Savile Row

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