Born in 1961 the son of a successful Tailor  the plan was always that I would become the proverbial  heir to the throne.  I remember my father walking around the factory introducing me to  all the workforce and travelling around his chain of shops with him in his large Jaguar car.

At the age of 15 everything changed. Anybody who has  watched the film Billy Elliot will get the picture. My father’s business was based in Yorkshire and the country went into a recession.  The consequences of this was my father lost his business and had to start up again in a smaller way. we have bailiffs around at the house taking furniture etc and everything changed forever.

I spent the next 15 years with My Father and a small team fighting a losing battle to keep the ball rolling. In this time we took in Trade work which is working for other tailors and visited working men’s clubs in the evenings measuring people up for suits.  We had a small work room with a shopper joining and managed by working ridiculously hard to just come away with a basic wage.

At the age of 30 I had no option but to strike out on my own and with no savings to help me I saw an opportunity to offer a visiting service to  successful businessmen who didn’t have the time to go shopping.

It was a difficult time because I had no sales training. However, by hard work and  failure not being an option in my first year I acquired a few loyal customers.  In year 2 A combination of good luck and improved sales skills led me into the very lucrative market of barristers in the north of England.

 My suits made from solid Huddersfield Worsted and sporting fancy coloured linings became the talk of the northern legal profession.

The following years I built up clients across the UK doing lots of work in London for politicians, TV personalities, footballers, lawyers and vagabonds.

This journey has been hard work however has provided me with a thoroughly enjoyable lifestyle it wouldn’t be for anybody but those who choose this path the world is literally your oyster.

My Passion

What you do in life echoes in eternity

My son’s now look after my clients and it has given me the opportunity to get involved in coaching the next batch of successful retail tailors. I already have  got a few young  tailors on their feet running successful businesses by helping and advising them because that’s what I like doing.

 With coronavirus putting the brakes on our regular business it gave me time out to put together a comprehensive learning environment that will allow the Next Generation to fast track and build successful brands without the pitfalls  that I encountered.

I’ve also built a business to customer b2c  business gold personal tailoring dovetails nicely to work with our learning environment giving students the opportunity to take a few orders without the expense and time  in looking at a provisional supply chains ETC

 my passion is simply to be remembered as the Tailors Tailor.

My Goals

At the tender age of 60 I have the ability to retire, get on my white horse and Ride off into the sunset but let’s be honest  I believe if you work hard and play hard you will live a lot longer and if you take your phone off the pedal.

My  goals are to build worldwide brands for Dale Rhodes and Personal Tailoring.  I am to do this by producing the best, most relevant content and digital services in the world. If you take a look at both my websites I challenge you to find anybody else out there who can challenge me at the moment.


I live and breathe tailoring and I will be updating and producing more content on a regular basis to keep me in front of the competition.

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