The Bespoke Range

From £3000 - £19000

This is the Savile Row experience. Our master tailor Raymond used to cut for Welsh and Jeffries on Savile Row and now he cuts for us. We take your measurements, give them to Raymond and he then hand draws your original pattern and chalks it onto the fabric. This is then cut out and hand-stitched together, along with the chest canvas and padding. We then bring the suit to you for the first fitting. We’ll pin it and chalk any minor alterations and take it back to Raymond where it’s then completely taken apart, re-cut with any of the minor tweaks and made to finish.

Features Of A Bespoke Suit

Superior Fitting

A superior fitting process by highly trained Tailoring Consultants or Senior Tailoring Consultants.

Cornerstone Collections

The Elegance collection really is the créme de la créme of the work we do here at Fielding & Nicholson. The ultimate ‘Savile Row’ experience at a fraction of the cost.

Highest Quality

Everything is completed to the highest quality: buttonholes, lining and all the major stress areas are individually hand stitched. A hand stitched buttonhole is raised and sits proud of the jacket as opposed to a very obviously machine made buttonhole.

Cut By Our Master Tailor

Everything is completed to the highest quality. Button holes are hand stitched so they are raised and sit up against the suit, as opposed to being machine stitched flat. You will also have the opportunity to meet our Master Tailor.


Gives you a lot more control over the suit, due to the in-between ‘basted’ fitting stage, especially if you have a slightly difficult shape and find off the peg impossible.

Fully Floated

A fully floating chest piece, avoiding any potential sticking or ‘bubbling’ after several years of wearing.